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You've probably heard by now about the passing of Ben Daglish on 1st October. Having beaten cancer once, many of us were lulled into a false sense of security by the stability of his condition. However, following a short hospitalisation, he died of complications on Monday morning.

This is Remix64 so I don't need to list all the tunes he did: you have HVSC for that. But we'll all miss him terribly: he was the beating heart of the scene: not just a figure from history, but a living breathing legend who many of us had the privilege to meet, befriend, and even perform and compose with. We all have our own memories, and people all over the Internet are sharing theirs: he touched so many lives it's incredible.

Rock on, Ben. Give Richard our love. ❤

FEATSTEP Remix 2! (Android App)

Featstep Featstep Remix 2 Android App

Free Promo

FEATSTEP Remix 2! (Android) will remix .mp3 Audio / .mp4 Video to play as close to the 'tune' of your .SIDs as possible! Performance is better on newer devices; it sometimes runs with occational & inermittant pauses on my 4 year old tablet. The following demonstartion video was recorded with the software running on a PC for this reason.

While availible on Googe Play! for $2.99 ( Canada only)..

I am sharing the current version with the worldly C64 .SID scene for FREE via this download link :
(This is the same file as the $2.99 Google Play release.)

FEATSTEP REMIX! (1 and 2) has been in constant development for about 3 years.

Developing this software I thought I could support myself with sales, though I have never actually successfully sold 1 copy to-date.

Any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated, whether users download it for FREE from the promo link, or choose to pay $2.99 on Google Play. (Please concider paying as a Donation, I am now near bankrupt and homeless from working on it 24/7 and not selling any copies).

Also, If you enjoy FEATSTEP Remix 2! please share it with your friends 😊 (Either for FREE or at $2.99) ;)

Submitted by -FEATSTEP-

"JB" - A charity album to benefit the Bjerregaard family

JB Johannes Bjerregaard Charity Album

Our beloved C64 musician, Johannes Bjerregaard has been recently diagnosed with cancer and needs our help. A remix album honoring his C64 tunes has just been published with all proceeds from the sale of the album benefiting Johannes Bjerregaard directly.

Among several classic Bjerregaard remixes there are also two new remixes available on this album: a re-interpretation of Rockbuster by Wobbler, and NecroPolo's Zoom. Enhanced versions of a few other remixes are also appearing on this album for the first time. Please, consider supporting the Bjerregaard family by purchasing the album on Bandcamp here.

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Home Computer


PRESS PLAY ON TAPE are legends. This is their third studio CD, and it's a doozy, combining kick-your-bottom C64 remixes with original brain-beatingly good tracks. Although obliterated from Wikipedia by pedants who can't cope with reality, there's no keeping these guys down! Rock on!! 26 tracks of mayhem, a double CD, over 2 hours of music! Comes with a 32 page souvenir booklet, packed with photos of Soren. And some other guys, not sure who they are, but they look dodgy to me... *hehe* This album is not available to buy from us digitally, only from iTunes, but FLAC and MP3 Album packs are downloadable when you purchase the CD. * Note: all preorders have now been sent out * "PPOT delivers exactly what is expected of them, and their fans will love this CD. New fans will without doubt take it to their hearts too, because no matter if you're a fan of vocals on remixes or not, there's plenty of music to enjoy." - Andreas Wallstrom,

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Listening Recommendation

 House 6581 (club mix - short edit)

Arranged by Dafunk

I have absolutely no idea of the original tune so can't really get the link between the two but lets face facts off the bat here, dafunk know's his stuff and wouldn't write something completely out of context unless thats what it was.

This is a remix, its doing whats said on the tin.

The first thing that strikes me is the beginning (funny that should happen at the start aint it.. way to make myself sound like roger ebert) but it smacks of all the large progressive trance outfits, a slightly dubby low slung stabbing and straight into the 4t24 drumbeat and slowly building up to a very very sweet vocal.

On the way to that point it has a beautiful soundscape which really does give it that clubby feel (so you succeeded with getting what you was looking for) and if I was still going out and getting drunk every week id definitely dance to this. So what about beyond? well lets talk about the mainline for a second.. genius trance work without a shadow of a doubt, its alot harder to write a decent trance tune than most people would realise (took me a while to realise this too) and dafunks done just that.

As I said in my shout this would chart very high in the uk charts, I'd even go as far to say that it'd find itself getting airplay on radio shows and sitting no1 in the dance charts before armand van helden re-releases another one of his tunes heh.

Technically speaking there isnt anything to fault, all the levels are perfect, the synths/drums etc clear and concise, no off notes no screw ups.. perfect production. and unless you really dont like trance music (in which case i 2nd dafunks "go away dont download it then") a damn good bar for the rest of the "dance" artists on this site to work from.

remix of the year for me without a shadow of a doubt, unless paul van dyke comes on this site and releases a remix, that accolade is safe :p

Review by infamous

Random review

 Way of the Exploding Fist (Tune2)

Arranged by Kent Walldén

I like unorthodox when you remix popular songs. Not much fun in Yet Another Remix of some game that sounds samey. This song is very nice to listen to. Even though some drum rhythm gets into the mix, it doesn't go overboard (giving you one of those dull "Add drum track and stir"-remixes). Very nice piano, synth thingy and is that a triangle I hear at the end? Recommended.

Review by immacolata

Latest Review

 Enchanted Lands - Intro (Enchantedness)

Arranged by Silok

Jochen es de esos que siempre te transmiten algo especial y mítico en sus creaciones. Es pausado y progresivo, melódico y potente. No se puede pedir más bajo mi punto de vista particular.

Review by Silize

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