Remixer Of The Year 2016 Results

Remixer Of The Year Awards Voting 2017

Did you know? You can also nominate artists and tracks directly from the voting box.

Did you know? You can also nominate artists and tracks directly from the voting box.

How to?

Vote for the best of each category. The lists are unlimited, and they extend as you add entries. During the year you might stumble upon more and more candidates you think worthy for this list - you can return to this page to supplement/review your votes anytime. All entries receive equal scores, so the list order does not matter. This was different before 2015.

Entering text into the forms will drop-down a lookup list. This will help you find your desired mix or arranger promptly. Choosing your entry directly from the drop-down will also make sure that your entry is valid. Valid entries are marked 'ok', invalid entries are marked '?' and do not go into the results. Use the icons to delete an entry or to move it up and down in the list. Note that voting requires that you have JavaScript enabled.

Voting will be available until Sunday, 21st January 2018

(241 days, 15 hours and 14 minutes left for voting)


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Additionally, the table below shows all arrangers who have released a remix in 2017, and indicates if it might be a candidate for Best Newcomer/Veteran.

Platform  ▼ Average
NewcomerSIDNIFY1Remix.Kwed.Org100% 6
VeteranMano1Remix.Kwed.Org97% 6
VeteranMRT4Remix.Kwed.Org95% 6
VeterandaXX2Remix.Kwed.OrgAmigaRemix92% 6
Remixerfegolhuzz1Remix.Kwed.Org90% 6
VeteranXxDUSTYxX1AmigaRemix90% 6
VeteranMetal1Remix.Kwed.Org88% 6
NewcomerXandra1Remix.Kwed.Org87% 6
NewcomerKeys To Imagination1Remix.Kwed.Org85% 6
VeteranRapture1AmigaRemix84% 5
VeteranSascha Michael Theel1Remix.Kwed.Org84% 5
NewcomerdLx1AmigaRemix83% 5
VeteranVred2Remix.Kwed.Org82% 6
VeteranJohan Andersson3Remix.Kwed.Org82% 5
VeteranMartin Dodd2Remix.Kwed.Org81% 5
VeteranBeeZerk1Remix.Kwed.Org79% 5
VeteranYoshi1Remix.Kwed.Org79% 5
RemixerGareth Wood1AmigaRemix76% 5
NewcomerCaptain MoreGain1AmigaRemix75% 5
VeteranDavid Filskov2Remix.Kwed.Org75% 5
VeteranAnders Hesselbom3Remix.Kwed.Org75% 5
Newcomersingleton1AmigaRemix70% 5
VeteranSoundLogic3Remix.Kwed.OrgAmigaRemix70% 5
RemixerEXON2AmigaRemix69% 5
VeteranDr Future2Remix.Kwed.OrgAmigaRemix68% 5
VeteranID MM2Remix.Kwed.Org68% 5
VeteranMurdock1AmigaRemix68% 4
VeteranPsyria1AmigaRemix68% 4
Newcomerlclhstr6Remix.Kwed.Org68% 4
VeteranMarcus Geelnard1Remix.Kwed.Org67% 4
VeteranOJ Oscillation1Remix.Kwed.Org67% 4
VeteranIsacco Garcia Peveri4AmigaRemix67% 5
VeteranSanjo Ride4Remix.Kwed.Org66% 4
NewcomerStrange Days1AmigaRemix65% 4
VeteranAknotronic2AmigaRemix64% 5
VeteranPiepie1AmigaRemix63% 4
VeteranDarkman0071AmigaRemix62% 4
NewcomerIsaac BĂ©jar1AmigaRemix62% 4
NewcomerMac_Svenni1Remix.Kwed.Org62% 4
Veteranpinozulpo1AmigaRemix62% 4
RemixerImbehiiri (PsyMi)1Remix.Kwed.Org61% 4
NewcomerColmarr2Remix.Kwed.Org52% 4
VeteranWombleMC1Remix.Kwed.Org50% 3
VeteranJozef Lahoud1Remix.Kwed.Org49% 3
Rows: 44