by Marcel Donne
Marcel Donné - Sidologie CD Label
Total playing time
69 min
Overall album score
 80% - Very Good
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If Jarre and Vangelis had done C64 music: they would have sounded like this.

Highlights include a stunning cover of Rob Hubbard's Knucklebusters, a full length Miami Vice which fills the soul with Martin Galway's rhythmic and arpeggionic genius, and a cheeky Band in the Rain tribute with the Wizball High Score Theme.

From Jarre to Vangelis, to a sound that reminds you of both but remains unique to Marcel, this album goes way beyond tribute into soul satisfying.

C64 Music has never sounded so evocative.

Review: Sidologie

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Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Sidologie Intro Marcel Donné 5:08 75% 
1-02 Rambo Loader Marcel Donné 4:00 79% 
1-03 Lightforce Marcel Donné 7:48 80% 
1-04 Bombo Marcel Donné 5:48 73% 
1-05 Cobra Marcel Donné 4:09 78% 
1-06 Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2 Marcel Donné 5:18 79% 
1-07 Knucklebusters Marcel Donné 18:00 89% 
1-08 Wizball High Score Marcel Donné 1:27 81% 
1-09 Miami Vice Ingame Marcel Donné 6:43 79% 
1-10 Nemesis the Warlock Marcel Donné 7:34 85% 
1-11 Rambo High Score Marcel Donné 2:57 79% 
Bonus-01 Bombo Beta 1 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-02 Cobra Beta1 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-03 Cobra Beta 2 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-04 Equithingy Marcel Donne/O2 0% 
Bonus-05 Equivice Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-06 Hmm Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-07 Knucklebusters Alpha 1 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-08 Knucklebusters Alpha 2 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-09 Knucklebusters Alpha 3 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-10 Knucklebusters Pre 2 Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-11 Knucklebusters Test Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-12 Lightforce beta Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-13 Miamitest Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-14 Miami Vice Beta Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-15 Numberwang.. er, Numbertest Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-16 O2 o2 0% 
Bonus-17 One Man and his Droid Preview Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-18 Phantoms of the Asteroid Alpha Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-19 Phasetest Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-20 Rambo Alpha Marcel Donné 85% 
Bonus-21 Some Marcel Stuff Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-22 The Wind Marcel Donne/O2 85% 
Bonus-23 Think Twice 3 Marcel Donné 85% 
Bonus-24 Wizball High Score Marcel Donné 0% 
Bonus-25 Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2 Marcel Donné 0% 
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