Mixing/mastering for my song

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Mixing/mastering for my song

Postby omoroca » 22/06/2016 - 16:10

Hi everyone!

I want to apply for a job as a music-related software engineer. And for my appication, I want to add a link to a MySpace page with some of my songs from different eras of my life. One of them is my 2011 C64 remix "Usagi", which you can find at http://www.remix64.com/track/omoroca/us ... i-warrior/

Unfortunately, this is only a raw version coming straight out of Renoise, without any mixing and mastering. I have to admit, I have never done that and wouldn't even know how to do it.

So would anyone be interested in doing the mixing/mastering for me? Of course your name will be mentioned on the MySpace page. Please write me a PM, and I will give you the uncompressed WAV files for each track of the song.
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Re: Mixing/mastering for my song

Postby Trance4Mason » 04/07/2016 - 9:40

Hi there,

This isn't the answer you were looking for, but as both a developer and a producer myself, I'd say give it a go yourself!

Obviously, if this is a specific vacancy that you want to apply for, then I imagine this won't be possible before the deadline for prospective applicants.

Even if you outsource all your mastering needs to professional studios (I'm not saying this is a bad thing - its usually the best way) I think that learning about the theory involved in common mixing/mastering techniques, even right down to the physics of sound production, would definitely be a positive addition to your skill set.

It can also really boost your production skills too, make you more productive in the studio, and give you added confidence and satisfaction that you have full control of the sound that you want to create.

Mixing and Mastering are still two different art forms, subjective to a point, and both can take years of practice to get right.

Hopefully this semi-motivational pitch (no pun intended!) has inspired you to go for it, and jump right in!

My personal sound production 'Bible' of choice is "Dance Music Manual" by Rick Snoman - some people love it, some people loath it, but it serves as a good reference for me. (Having said that, I wouldn't buy the latest edition full price, the 2nd edition is much cheaper, 2nd hand online)

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