Oscillator Alligator - C-64 inspired album by soundsosound

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Oscillator Alligator - C-64 inspired album by soundsosound

Post by soundsosound » 26/11/2017 - 13:14


a couple of years ago I made some piano arrangements of classic c-64 tunes. I was overwhelmed by the positive reactions from this site.
As my current album is heavily influenced by those classic game tunes, I thought, some of you might probably like it, too:


https://soundsosound.bandcamp.com/album ... -alligator

The alligator on the album art comes from a C-64 game, too. Do you recognize it?

Would be nice, to get some feedback in this forum, my guestbook or on my facebook page.
And if you know someone, who could also like this kind of music, I'd be thankful, if you could recommend it to them. ;-)

Best wishes,
Markus Behlau


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Re: Oscillator Alligator - C-64 inspired album by soundsosound

Post by omoroca » 31/12/2017 - 12:17

This is really nice original work. Good composition, pro sound quality. I also sense some Sakamoto and Oldfield in there, is that right?

Keep up the good, inspiring work!
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