New Release - Tai-Pan...

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New Release - Tai-Pan...

Post by poke16384 »

So.. Just a quick shout. Tai-Pan (an ear movie) has just cleared JLT's 'Quality Control' department and is ready for human consumption...

A few people have requested this one, (over the 8 years I've been submitting remixes & covers).. (8 years OMG!)

As usual, all comments and feedback are welcome...
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Re: New Release - Tai-Pan...

Post by LaLa »

You just ruined whatever plans I had for this evening, because instead I just keep listening to this remix over and over again. :D :worship:

I'm especially fond of the second part of it that focuses on subtune #2. I'll be honest, on first listen the arrangement sounded a bit strange to me, but I quickly warmed up to it. By the 100th listen I became quite fond of it. :hysterical:

But seriously, the oriental instrumentation really makes this tune shine, and the entire remix tells a nice story, which I quite like. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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