Stars On Superfrog
Arranged by: XtC
Original by: Allister Brimble
Release Date: 19/05/2004
All-Time Rank: 1179.
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Listeners' Rating
43% (14 votes)
1 prowler shouts: Sorry, it didn't work at all     ::     2 pvanukoff shouts: Umm... Yeah.     ::     3 shanethewolf shouts: It's not so bad!     ::     3 DJNutzZ shouts: Works...     ::     4 Esion shouts: Easy work but I like the idea and sound quality is not bad.     ::     3 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Interesting idea, but it does not fit so well for me.     ::     4 Stqn shouts: It’s a nice medley.     ::     1 Grant shouts: A disjointed mash of poor song bits