Xenon 2 Megablast - Intro Theme - DaxxTRS Remix
Arranged by: daXX
Original by: Bomb the Bass
Release Date: 27/08/2006
All-Time Rank: 53.
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Listeners' Rating
91% (57 votes)
Outstanding! 6
6 infamous shouts: Ah yeah! .. Etc, nice remix of a tune I used to love so very very much     ::     5 prowler shouts: FUnkY remix! I like it!     ::     4 KF shouts: Not bad... But the original has a lot more energy... I think isn't easy to remix this tune...     ::     5 exo shouts: Nice! Only thing I miss is a part even closer to the original as a climax. Very cool start of the song! Many nice memories attached to it.     ::     5 lomaxx shouts: The 'lead'-guitar suffers a bit (sounds to weak). But still a very good remix. A bright spot.     ::     5 pj shouts: Both intresting and highly original mix. Like it.     ::     5 Dumper shouts: Would of liked it to of had a bit more punch like the original, still it's a very good attempt.     ::     6 Makke shouts: Ah yeah, check this out! It works sooo well!     ::     6 saddam shouts: ZAJEBISTE!!!!!!!!!!! A BASIOR MNIE NISZCZY!     ::     6 DMC shouts: Outstanding "dynamite" stuff. Used to know the original BombTheBass Tune and the sampled one for Xenon2-Megablast. This one is a fine piece of a remix. Damned!;-)     ::     6 itekei shouts: Totally awesooooome! :) Bomb the Bass' house track still is outstanding and so is this remix.     ::     6 superturbo shouts: Great remix! One of the few original remixes here at amigaremix!     ::     5 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Nice Gimmicks and powerful sound! Well done, man!:)     ::     6 playersnake40 shouts: Excellent     ::     5 M.A.F shouts: Adding to it as you go. Always the way. Simple realy isnt it. Dont plan it just do it.     ::     6 sebekmaj shouts: This is the best remix ever I heard, seriosly it's nice. I've forgot how much I liked Xenon 2.:)     ::     6 firefox shouts: Has what it takes to get an outstanding vote from me. The mix is one of DaxxTRS best ones.     ::     4 rafael shouts: The original sample ridden tune never caught my attention, but this remix has some clever ideas and is fun. Nice work on the stereo effects.     ::     5 cyborgjeff shouts: Daxx TRS you rock!     ::     6 shezzor shouts: Very nicely done, great remix!     ::     4 MORBID shouts: Sounds nice. Good remix!     ::     6 Bingo shouts: I like this one, just a little more bpm and it were perfect 8^]     ::     6 _steve_ shouts: Excellent remix... A more laid back megablast.     ::     6 Wendelin shouts: Great Track. I love this version!     ::     6 lex777 shouts: Amazing professional complete mix. Ih ih ih! I think someone around this place will really love (or hate ) it! KUDOS!     ::     5 mooneyes1983 shouts: Awesome     ::     4 Nebdar shouts: Nice one but definetly not mys style of remix     ::     6 Melaure shouts: The best Xenon 2 Remix I heard until today!     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Arrrrrr!!! Great Job!!! Fantastic!!!     ::     6 Kikstart shouts: The best mix so far - THE END!     ::     4 neglesaks shouts: A Well done remake with a funky sound to it at the beginning, though mellowing out over the middle     ::     6 B3L4 shouts: Awesome remix!     ::     6 Xplorer shouts: Oh this bumping bass!