Xenon 2 - Airplane Jive
Arranged by: ScareCrow
Original by: Bomb the Bass
Release Date: 16/07/2005
All-Time Rank: 1278.
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Listeners' Rating
36% (17 votes)
2 martin_skimmer shouts: What's this?....     ::     2 M.A.F shouts: An ordinary pair of boxer shorts.... Maybe have been worn a little too long...     ::     2 praest76 shouts: That kid's not right...     ::     3 vurtx shouts: Its not that bad, I didnt hear any bum notes and the samples are clean     ::     2 Pepino shouts: Putting samples in a song is a kind of art. Putting them in a row likes jokes in Zucker's film, is not the right way. That "one, two three arrrrrrgggghh" is not a cool option neither. By the way, whenever you want you can complete the remix as well.     ::     2 Duncan Demerodt shouts: No sorry, that sounds bad.:-(     ::     2 Isacco1975 shouts: Sound is clear, but not mixed well, and seems like monaural. Istruments are not the sounds for my taste except bassline