Prehistorik - Honky Tonk Dumb Drum
Arranged by: ScareCrow
Original by: Christophe Fevre
Release Date: 16/07/2005
All-Time Rank: 1270.
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Listeners' Rating
26% (26 votes)
2 martin_skimmer shouts: Nothing special.....     ::     1 M.A.F shouts: The Spitoon at the OK Corral has been picked up and swallowed by a drunken unfortunate....     ::     1 cykiller shouts: Just bad music...     ::     1 promus shouts: Terrible!     ::     1 MORBID shouts: Shall I vomit???     ::     2 DJNutzZ shouts: Poor!     ::     3 The Milkyman shouts: Quite wicked. I wouldnt turn it off if I heared it on a remix stream. In fact it is funny stuff. No profi mastering required.     ::     3 Andersson shouts: It's not THAT bad...     ::     1 Dirkes shouts: Is this my 1 year old son - who plays here???     ::     4 RealNC shouts: The original tune was weird too (sounded just as off-key as this version. ) It's actually an OK remix.     ::     2 Duncan Demerodt shouts: No sorry, no good.     ::     2 Isacco1975 shouts: Nothing special