Time (Friendly Edit)
Arranged by: [PFP]Shicara
Original by: Oxford Digital Enterprises (O.D.E.)
Release Date: 05/09/2008
All-Time Rank: 38.
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Listeners' Rating
91% (25 votes)
5 Dr Future shouts: Huh, what a blast on "Time" remixes. This one's quite innovative, like the enigmatic style. Dream-Mode on :-)     ::     6 infamous shouts: Ha! Time remixes all over the place.. Its definitely the melody on this thing.. Love it!     ::     4 The Milkyman shouts: Your sounds are screaming for their own frequency area :) Cool arrangement though. Not bad at all but needs a bit of EQ'ing.     ::     6 knotti shouts: Nice!     ::     5 prowler shouts: Nice soft touch     ::     6 Nebdar shouts: Very nice, very fiting to the tune, well composed and putted together, very atmospheric, it has the magic but the sound that I would call card shuffle is sometimes anoying, but it won't spoil the greatenes I feel in it     ::     6 francis.debord shouts: This Obelisk carries AmigaRemix.     ::     6 Melaure shouts: Nice chillout touch...     ::     6 Mordi shouts: I got hooked on that "laa-laaa" sample.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Whohoooooo. What a sound. Well done!:-)