Human race
Arranged by: Cisskey
Original by: Rob Hubbard
Release Date: 24/05/2009
All-Time Rank: 1262.
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Listeners' Rating
40% (15 votes)
3 Dr Future shouts: Okay, but why sooo much distortion? Why?     ::     2 Jim Power shouts: Sorry, but the extremely poor quality of the recording makes it almost impossible to listen to this track.     ::     1 RemixFan shouts: Arrrrg!!!!!!!!!!!     ::     2 Byproduct shouts: The song itself is not bad at all, but the low quality sound (recording? ) makes it difficult to enjoy. Improve on that area a bit, and your ratings will go way up.:)     ::     2 Amok shouts: A real torture for my ears... Sorry dude. This needs a way better mix and master.     ::     2 am-fm shouts: Roflcopter, sounds you recorded the music thru the Mic-Imput..     ::     2 _steve_ shouts: The mixing levels are very bad. The tune itself is competently played, but lost due to poor mixing.     ::     3 vurtx shouts: I do appreciate the live guitar, but the mixing is way off and the guitar just kills off everything else, a remix and a remaster would improve this greatly.     ::     2 Duncan Demerodt shouts: I`m so sorry but that doesn`t work....:-(