Turrican 2 Main Title (Dosk Mix)
Arranged by: Dreamtime
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 29/10/2009
All-Time Rank: 30.
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Listeners' Rating
94% (45 votes)
6 Dr Future shouts: Awesome. Like it's meant to be! Great Job!!! MORE!     ::     5 Ziphoid shouts: Quite nice, I must say.     ::     5 Cueshark shouts: Excellent remix of my favorite Amiga tune.     ::     6 skyrunner shouts: Great remix of one of my all time favourites, faithful to the original but yet with enough own spice!     ::     6 prowler shouts: Excellent remix!     ::     5 the_gullwing shouts: Nice tune! I really like it.     ::     6 Studionti shouts: I love Turrican II and Turrican III Main Title songs. This mix is perfect!     ::     6 SaGaiA shouts: Great Version of an All Time Fav! Good work!     ::     3 SarahKreuz shouts: Too close to the original IMO.     ::     6 francis shouts: Better than Original, more Powerfull. This one Rocks like Hell!     ::     6 Amok shouts: Excellent production. Great instruments. Awesome.     ::     6 Dirkes shouts: I start to move, if I hear it - it's rock...     ::     6 MistralNight shouts: Really captures the old Turrican spirit, and keeps it alive :) Excellent remix     ::     6 AdSalusNonAptus shouts: WOW! This damn remix gave me some goosebumps!     ::     6 Dragonlover shouts: Outstanding remix. One of the best tracks here. Please do more like this. Great job :)     ::     6 Mordi shouts: Super-awesome.     ::     6 jemym shouts: Probably the best remix for this song ever made, probably for staying very faithful to the original yet with enough differences to hear it's a remix!     ::     6 SunSpire shouts: Very very nice rendition of the original song. Excellent choice of sounds and the beat makes for a nice forward-drift. Not liking the added T1 voice sample in there, but that's really minor! Well done :)     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: At first I was irritaded because of the T1 Voice, but than I was catched by this great T2 Remix. Great done!!!     ::     6 john4p shouts: Best T2 title remix on this site.     ::     6 Rapture shouts: Great! I personally prefer it when remixes are closer to the original (more like covers! ) than too much away in style. So thumbs up!:)