Gods remix
Arranged by: Aknotronic
Original by: Nation 12
Release Date: 10/05/2010
All-Time Rank: 683.
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Listeners' Rating
69% (18 votes)
Very Good! 
Dr Future shouts: I like the "industrial" bits. Good, fresh ideas.     ::      Jim Power shouts: Interesting approach here...     ::      Neochrome64 shouts: Absolutly Amazing!     ::      Apache shouts: Its okay. Altough the original sounds better at the beginning.... Not bad anyway...     ::      Sjorspion shouts: Awesoming intro, nice use of the voice samples,     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Wow, nice interpretation of a great Tune. Well done!!!     ::      Grant shouts: It's an interesting approach. The whole song feels muted.     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Sounds a bit flat but what's there is good.