Turrican II - Desert Styles
Arranged by: 1nsane
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 11/09/2010
All-Time Rank: 1268.
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Listeners' Rating
36% (23 votes)
3 Ziphoid shouts: Not my cup of tea, but I guess that hardstyle type is liked by some people.     ::     2 SarahKreuz shouts: Sorry mate, but I hate gabba-style     ::     5 dis_cord shouts: What can I say... I like it.     ::     3 RealNC shouts: I would give it a "good" rating if it weren't for the kick drum :P     ::     1 Pnt shouts: Very bad!!!!!!     ::     4 aero shouts: I like it :)     ::     3 ryrynz shouts: If you started off with the original tune then went with synth at 0. 13 and used that as the main tune n mixed it up a little then it would be good. But using that cool synth + the low volume synth and then that god aweful kick drum... It just ruined it     ::     2 Redeyez shouts: Dont like that bassdrum :S     ::     1 Grant shouts: Bearable until 1:00 then it falls off the rails