Budokan Title Remix
Arranged by: CZ Tunes
Original by: Rob Hubbard
Release Date: 12/10/2010
All-Time Rank: 92.
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Listeners' Rating
87% (23 votes)
5 Dr Future shouts: Very good remix of this tune. I like the instrumentation and the executing. Well done, CZ!     ::     6 Amok shouts: Excellent mixing and arrangement. Great work!     ::     4 SarahKreuz shouts: Don`t like the Music of Budokan at all. But this one is very well produced, that`s for sure. A yellow one from me.     ::     6 Cube shouts: Buldokan's music may not like for all, but You remix it's just great!     ::     6 SunSpire shouts: I miss the backing voices from the original a little bit (chords rather than single voice melody), but it's a solid production, nice intro, and very enjoyable!     ::     5 Dr-Duke shouts: Lil bit (too) slow and I miss some highlight in this, but, nevertheless a pretty nice remix!     ::     6 nummer2 shouts: Wow very atmospheric piece caught me after few seconds :) awesome intro     ::     6 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Cosy & catchy Remix. Really good!     ::     6 migu shouts: Nice work!