Turrican 2 - The Final Challenge
Arranged by: Aki Järvinen
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 12/02/2011
All-Time Rank: 44.
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Listeners' Rating
91% (40 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Aki J - you rock!:-)     ::      SarahKreuz shouts: XxDustyxX couldn`t have done this better. Awesome guitars.     ::      Cube shouts: One of the best track of Turrican. Well done.... Rrrooccckkkiiitt!:)     ::      Pelztier shouts: Super!!!     ::      migu shouts: Very nice arrange, well played!     ::      Chainsaw shouts: Woaaahhh just perfect! Absolute great!     ::      Kate Eternal shouts: This rocks! Way to go!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Sounds pretty good!     ::      TheMessenger shouts: Better than the main theme remix, but still far away from the impact of "The Wall"! In the beginning, it works fine, but the middle part gets ruined by the metal rhythm and guitars - according to my ears, that is...     ::      john4p shouts: Would've preferred the original notes at 2:13 and 4:34 but it's still a red one.     ::      Snake1 shouts: Very well done!     ::      MatrixRevolution shouts: Rock!!