Maniax (Enter The Dragon)
Arranged by: 7EVEN SINS
Original by: Unknown
Release Date: 15/06/2011
All-Time Rank: 568.
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Listeners' Rating
72% (12 votes)
Very Good! 
5 daXX shouts: Funny effects used! Nice Prod. Like it :)     ::     4 SarahKreuz shouts: Always the same with 7even Sins Music: too much breaks. Less is more :/ but also: always a very pro production.     ::     6 Retrodanny shouts: I must boost up the score - I think this remix very much deserves it! Good length, nice intro and the melody tone feels just right when it discretely begins at 1:57! I have no probs with the breaks, on the contrary I feel them to fit in rather nicely :)     ::     4 Erekose shouts: Good prod... But Dance Maniax is a PS2 game no?