ID 253501
 Superfrog's Ancient Level (Wobble Dat Giant Pyrami
Arranged by: AceMan
Original by: Allister Brimble
Release Date: 30/12/2011
All-Time Rank: 176.
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Listeners' Rating
83% (25 votes)
Very Good! 
Mordi shouts: Nice. More volume on the wobbling bass would be nice, but it's a minor gripe.     ::      Deadman shouts: Nice and atmospheric :)     ::      ryrynz shouts: Dubstepfrog?     ::      Szudi shouts: More coal!!;)     ::      Caboose shouts: I love this. PLEASE MAKE MORE :)     ::      sven_nilsson shouts: Very nice... The bass/drums could be a bit tighter and more prominent     ::      Sjorspion shouts: Nice dubstep feel Remix, with some great use of the original Superfrog SE