RSI Megademo - Ba1 (Xerxes Remix)
Arranged by: Xerxes
Original by: Bit Arts
Release Date: 16/12/2012
All-Time Rank: 45.
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Listeners' Rating
91% (28 votes)
6 Ziphoid shouts: Beautfully produced and remixed. VERY nice AmigaRemix debut from Xerxes.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Wow, what a great Remix. Very well done!!! Thanks!!!     ::     6 Szudi shouts: Great     ::     4 SarahKreuz shouts: Good one. But I wish it just would kick my a** just like the guys above me:)     ::     6 Isacco1975 shouts: Fantastic remix. Fantastic Xerxes!     ::     6 Cube shouts: Good instuments and just great mix! Superb remix :)     ::     6 Aknotronic shouts: This sounds awesome. Alot of instrumental variation and a smoothing beat, a bit Infected Mushroom'ish.. Very well done!     ::     6 zajos shouts: That's what I like: Dynamic, awesome mixing, melody, live-like instruments, Thx     ::     5 daXX shouts: Nice interpretation of that! I'm wondering if you've sampled it from amiga or rebuild it?!..     ::     6 Krede shouts: Utterly cool!! .. Very well done!     ::     6 RayF shouts: THE best BA1 remix. Nice, strong, wonderful.     ::     4 Stqn shouts: Sounds good, but where is the melody? There is nothing left of the original (and awesome) tune.     ::     5 ryrynz shouts: Bitchin'. Feels like a deluxe module.     ::     5 AMIGrAve shouts: Excellent!     ::     3 Grant shouts: The quickly oscillating fade in/out feels disorienting     ::     5 Rapture shouts: Hey, another cool remix from a BitArts tune! Well done, me likes!:)