Fairlight - Hideaway Studio Remix
Arranged by: D.A.Wilson
Original by: Comrade J
Release Date: 06/01/2006
All-Time Rank: 636.
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Listeners' Rating
70% (17 votes)
Very Good! 
M.A.F shouts: Abba at certain points... Not always a bad thing of course...     ::      gunnas shouts: Wow cool sound its so lovely     ::      dimmignatt shouts: A good sounding remix with nice use of instruments.. BUT. It's to simple and to repeating.. It sounds like it's looped. More improvisation and take some original (own) parts in use to!     ::      sven_nilsson shouts: Absolutely great, but that 128k mp3 kinda spoils it...     ::      grytulf shouts: Great instrument iin the beginning, After that this tune fails to deliver... Dry a bit midi-like sound, with reverb.. And too little variation     ::      honorabili shouts: Nice choice of instruments, mate     ::      EmiliuS shouts: I prefer the c64 tune, but this is awesome!!     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Wheeew, cool mix. Well done.:-)     ::      ryrynz shouts: Nicely done.