Stardust Memories - daXX Remix
Arranged by: daXX
Original by: Volker Tripp (Jester) of Sanity
Release Date: 29/11/2015
All-Time Rank: 3.
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Listeners' Rating
98% (38 votes)
Outstanding! 6
6 Dr Future shouts: Nothing beats the original, but this is a very clever remix. While not 100% true to the mod, it makes totally sense this way. Good work!     ::     6 Ziphoid shouts: I'm amazed how daXX constantly brings out astonishing remixes! Keep it up! :D     ::     5 JChambers shouts: This is really good, another really different take on a great original :)     ::     5 Gwood1234 shouts: PLEASE DAXX - DO STATE OF THE ART BY SPACEBALLS!!!     ::     6 Instant Remedy shouts: Yeah! I like this style of music, it fits the tune great.     ::     6 allister shouts: Amazing! Best remix for ages :-)     ::     6 gary shouts: Great remix! Could the lead instrument be replaced with Gibs playing an electric guitar please?     ::     6 ryrynz shouts: God damn it Daxx.     ::     6 KillerJim shouts: Excellent remix! Another top quality production from Daxx!!     ::     5 8_bit_fingers shouts: Another well chiseled masterpiece     ::     6 c64glen shouts: The greatest Amiga Remix of all time. Unbelievably fantastically euphoric. I would have this remix's and Daxx's babies.     ::     5 Timeagent shouts: It's a pretty damn good remix, top-notch daXX-quality. The best "Stardust Memories" Remix until now, but not even close to Jesters masterpiece.     ::     6 Chizzer shouts: Incredible.     ::     6 softwarefailure shouts: Very good! We need more Jester remixes!     ::     6 Starwer shouts: That's soooo gooooood! Great original tune, cleverly remixed to keep the spirit alive!     ::     6 Sarxos shouts: Another superb Daxx remix. Awesome.     ::     6 Rapture shouts: Great remix! I like it better than the original, quality stuff!:)     ::     6 Fabrice971 shouts: I'm jealous! Such power and harmony at the same time, almost perfect!     ::     6 Kate Eternal shouts: Very very good work!     ::     6 AmiStyler79 shouts: Excellent!