Pinball Prelude Medley
Arranged by: Rapture
Original by: Echo of LSD
Release Date: 07/03/2016
All-Time Rank: 1.
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Listeners' Rating
99% (35 votes)
Outstanding! 6
6 Dr Future shouts: For the effort!     ::     6 JChambers shouts: EPIC! This is amazing, and really original, don't think this game's ever been remixed before!     ::     6 nummer2 shouts: This is just too good. Sound is pretty oldschool.:)     ::     6 Matt Smith shouts: Beautifully produced and jam-packed with creativity and atmosphere, this is a bona fide musical adventure; wistful, haunting, thrilling, sinister and much more besides. Exceptionally, extraordinarily excellent in every way!     ::     6 softwarefailure shouts: Past is good, Present is better but Future really kicks ass! A definite finale furioso and worth listening until the end!     ::     6 LMan shouts: Very awesome.     ::     6 Spoonwzd shouts: Fantastic remixes from Rapture! I had no idea this game had reached so many!     ::     6 daXX shouts: Just outstanding Sounds :) I like it!     ::     6 Mordi shouts: Cool! Great balance throughout.     ::     6 Armandox shouts: This sounds exceptional. Awesome mix! I would love to work together with you on 'fresh' tracks. This has all my votes! *both thumbs way up*     ::     6 murdock shouts: The perfect soundtrack for a Pinball Prelude remake!     ::     6 ziona shouts: All tunes are awesome in it! Pretty please... Can you do separate versions of tunes as well? From second one I've made myself a loop, I love it so much :)     ::     6 Deemonk shouts: Hands down one of the best Amiga remixes!     ::     6 Dh73 shouts: Very, very excellent!!!