Risky Woods Menu Track - Remake
Arranged by: Szymon Ilich
Original by: Jose A. Martín
Release Date: 13/06/2016
All-Time Rank: 64.
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Listeners' Rating
89% (23 votes)
5 Jim Power shouts: The mix is somewhat uneven, but I like the instrumentation lot!     ::     6 Matt Smith shouts: Great stuff. Richly atmospheric, with a wonderful air of magic and mystery, and warmly nostalgic at the same time. It's splendid to see the marvellous Risky Woods soundtrack getting some more well-deserved attention.     ::     6 softwarefailure shouts: Lots of ambience in here. Love the outro! (last minute)     ::     6 nummer2 shouts: Wonderful remix no idea how I missed to vote on it