Lotus Esprit Turbo Ch.2 (extended YCTT-mix)
Arranged by: putzi
Original by: Barry Leitch
Release Date: 24/02/2003
All-Time Rank: 689.
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Listeners' Rating
69% (33 votes)
Very Good! 
3 guru512 shouts: The original was way better. Idiotic dancefloor arrangement with annoying beats!!!     ::     4 apanloco shouts: Very interesting. But all of a suddenly everything came and his mother. And the cymbal starting @ 00:27 was really lol :)     ::     4 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Cool like the original, but the bass bombs me out.:-)     ::     3 Grant shouts: Lots of good tune in here. Overly synthetic sounding. The slow opening & bass oasis in the middle-end disrupt a good flow.     ::     5 DMC shouts: This is not the usual pumping dancefloor sound. It is a bit different from that and what I like about it. It has its very own style. Well done putzi!!!