Turrican II - The Desert Rocks (daXX Remix)
Arranged by: daXX
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 17/10/2016
All-Time Rank: 23.
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Listeners' Rating
95% (40 votes)
6 Ziphoid shouts: Awesomely done. I really like the overall pumpiness in the track. :D     ::     5 Dr Future shouts: Finally a "van Halen"-Edit of this masterpiece ;-)     ::     6 nummer2 shouts: So this is pretty much the ultimate remix for this track you cant make this any more fitting than this remix. Its amazing     ::     6 ryrynz shouts: Daxx is God.     ::     6 Jojje70 shouts: Your best mix since Sanxion Bigroom IMO... Great sounds in a slick and well-produced piece!     ::     5 FunkyM shouts: Good remix, good remix, caught the Echoes of "Jump" in it. Mucho Gr00vy!     ::     6 Marcus shouts: DaXX rocks!     ::     5 kjetiln shouts: Great sound as usual from Daxx. Main chords are too dry, and some new ideas doesn't work.     ::     6 Retrodanny shouts: What can I say... It´s daXX and he´s Back! Last Turrican remix since 2007 (I beleive) I love the original 2nd part and at 3:15 there it begins, all perfect :)     ::     6 neglesaks shouts: Remarkable.     ::     6 Darkman007 shouts: Yea!     ::     6 DatLicht shouts: Wow, damn good remix!     ::     6 L0rd3vyL shouts: Awesome remix by the always awesome daXX     ::     5 difquin shouts: Interesting twist to an old classic. Hard as nails this one.