Pinball Dreams Intro Remix
Arranged by: daXX
Original by: Olof Gustafsson
Release Date: 26/12/2016
All-Time Rank: 30.
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Listeners' Rating
94% (29 votes)
Outstanding! 6
6 Dr Future shouts: Well, that sounds perfect to me!:-)     ::     1 LordPrenzer shouts: Chaotic, that sound a cacophony to me     ::     6 Matt Smith shouts: This is utterly lovely; a fizzingly fresh yet flawlessly faithful tribute to one of the Amiga's smashingest game tunes ever. Hurrah!     ::     5 nummer2 shouts: Like it very much     ::     6 iXien shouts: The Pinball Dreams remix we were all waiting for!!!     ::     5 Gwood1234 shouts: A great balance of staying close to the original but with lots of nice additions.     ::     5 JustPhreak shouts: Like it very much!     ::     6 JChambers shouts: Amazing! Best Pinball Dreams intro remix ever!     ::     6 Grigul shouts: Fantastic remix of my alltime favourite pinball game. Grrrrreeattt :-)     ::     6 Armandox shouts: Great production value! Outstanding work the way it should be done!     ::     6 Isacco1975 shouts: I am reviewing my previous opinion. Relistened again.. Outstanding mixing, outstanding ambiances. Outstanding REMAKE.     ::     6 ryrynz shouts: Jesus Christ.. Daxx slays it again.     ::     6 LMan shouts: Super nice!