Parasol Stars Medley
Arranged by: Rapture
Original by: Matthew Cannon
Release Date: 06/02/2017
All-Time Rank: 211.
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Listeners' Rating
83% (27 votes)
Very Good! 
6 Dr Future shouts: Enjoyable!     ::     6 JChambers shouts: This is so fun! Loads of energy and love the effects :D     ::     6 Matt Smith shouts: Absolutely smashing! From the cute Jarre-homage opening to the cheeringly summery conclusion, this is a track to bring you sunshine on a rainy day. Great to have the Amiga-exclusive Super Secret Level tune included in the mix, too!     ::     4 Mordi shouts: Technically well done, but I did not care for this composition. Liked the use of sound effects.     ::     6 YogibearRenoise shouts: This is one of my fav Amiga remixes! Did the C64 remix in 2001. Brings back some memories!     ::     5 Isacco1975 shouts: Starting Inspired from Band In The Rain of Jean Michel Jarre... Like it.     ::     1 MatrixRevolution shouts: Bleah!!     ::     5 daXX shouts: I like it! Maybe some sounds aren't the best choice. Reason for an orange one.     ::     5 Kate Eternal shouts: Sweet memories here!