Advanced (Metal Remix)
Arranged by: Metal
Original by: Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
Release Date: 31/01/2017
All-Time Rank: 540.
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Listeners' Rating
86% (27 votes)
6 L0rd3vyL shouts: Impressive remix!     ::     6 LaLa shouts: Fantastic, sure, but so was the first version of this remix circa 2009: "JazzAzz Remix"... (Where did that go from RKO?!? ) UPDATE: Tx for the explanation, Metal!     ::     6 Mordi shouts: Awesome!     ::     3 Cyanuric shouts: Technically great     ::     5 StormChild shouts: Just like those Ad-Lib songs back in the '90s... Nice!     ::     5 Kate Eternal shouts: Close to top-notch!     ::     6 finnr shouts: Briliant. As the original.     ::     5 MatrixRevolution shouts: Jazz... Azzz...     ::     5 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Pretty cool!     ::     5 omoroca shouts: Jazzy! Groovy! Added to my collection.