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Editorial 06-05 - Don't try this at home

Remixes you can't possibly compete with - Part 1
by Chris Abbott

Editorial 06-04 - Happy April everyone!

Your vote: bad! The music you do - does it touch people from around the globe? Also learn why complaining is not the answer.
by Chris Abbott

Editorial 06-02 - Think for yourself - or else?

Chris Abbott explains why losing your illusions is the first step to a new start.

Editorial 05-12 - Publish or perish

Chris Abbott considers how scary it is to actually release your works...

Editorial 05-07 - From rags to riches/Jamster be damned

Editorial: July / AUGUST 2005 - From Rags to Riches - The scene never gets boring does it? When I first came to the scene long before remix64.com and before RKO, there was no real place to be. Haven't things changed? C64Audio.com had just finished...

Editorial 05-06 - From SID to SAD in 25 years

Editorial: June 2005 - From SID to SAD in 25 years. - Well, this editorial will be the last one from me for a good while as by the time you read this I will have set sail or rather fly to distant shores – to be precise that tiny little insignificant...

Editorial 05-05 - Yesterday

Yesterday's man?

Editorial 05-04 - Live is Life (nananananananana na)

Editorial: April 2005 - Welcome to April, from the Remix64 team! - This month, I've been reflecting back on "Back in Time Live", and my appearance at Retrovision (replete with little shaker), and live music in general. Occasionally in my travels...

Editorial 05-03 - The ugly head of commercialism

Editorial: March 2005 - The ugly head of commercialism - Contrary to popular opinion I’ve not died, although it has been said that I was last seen in McDonald’s with Elvis, sharing the culinary delights of a Hamburger with extra cheese. The plan to...

Editorial 05-02 - The eye of the beholder

editorial: febuary 2005 - the eye of the beholder - Over the last few months there has been a significant increase of what you can actually call true remixes. It’s an interesting topic, because it divides the scene. While some embrace it, others...

Editorial 05-01 - Long Time - No See!

Editorial: January 2005 - Long time no see - It’s a strange place isn’t it? Not the world, but how you go away from something and when you return everything seems to be different. Well, that’s what I’ve just realised when entering the remix64 admin....

Editorial 04-11 - In Praise of the Amateur

Wow, the editorial is back!!

Editorial 04-06 - Waiting for things to happen

Remix64 Editorial - June 2004 - Edit: If you're in the UK, support Mark "madfiddler" Knight and buy the unofficial English Football anthem "Come on England", which Mark plays on. It can be bought online from HMV. For more details There are some...

Editorial 04-05 - Back to Normal?

Remix64 Editorial - May 2004 - Back to Normal? - As I sit here, my little fingers typing vaguely comprehensible drivel, I look at the scene, and how different it is from a year ago. Slay Radio has completely turned itself on its head and become a...

Editorial 04-04 - April Fool

Remix64 Editorial - 2 April 2004 - Hehe... April Fool. Or, probably not. Meanwhile, Boz demonstrates how he stands at the microphone during his radio shows. Normal service will be resumed. Soon. Honest.

Editorial 04-03 - A change in direction

Remix64 Editorial: March 2004 - Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! I'm ve-rr-y tired And I smell like wee! (badger badger badger) - Welcome to the March *cough* editorial for *shiver* Remix64. This month, I want to ask you to examine your...

Editorial 04-02 - Looking back

Editorial - February 2004 - Thought for the month: "You can argue with me, but if you tell me I'm wrong I'll hunt you down with a sledgehammer and apply force to your kneecaps." - Words to live by. In all scenes, things change and grow: or they...

Editorial 04-01 - Happy New Year

Editorial - January 2004 - Well, thank God that's over - I'm writing this on New Year's Eve. I was going to pontificate about why you create your art, but that can wait. It's amazing that we're all still here in 2004: almost 20 years since the...

Editorial 03-12 - Depression

Remix64 Editorial - December 2003 - How are you feeling? How are you REALLY feeling? There's been a bit of discussion on the boards recently about depression: the real stuff, not the "I'm a bit sad" stuff. It's not really surprising to find that the...

Editorial 03-11 - Gear lust

Remix 64 Editorial - November 2003 - Ooooh, controversial.... unlike this man, who is beloved by all - Do you have gear lust? Do you look at the magazines each month and rue your puny equipment? I know I do. I've always had it... and you know...

Editorial 03-10 - Another BIT Live over

Editorial - October 2003 - Phew, that was a rush, wasn't it? Well, that's another BIT Live over with: encouragingly all of the composers seemed to have had a better time than they thought possible, which is largely down to the brilliance of the...

Editorial 03-09 - Back in Time Live

Editorial - September 2003 - Well, it wouldn't be much of an editorial without talking about "Back in Time Live", would it? - One thing I'm always amazed by (and which I shouldn't be) is how different people are. In my case I'm now thinking about...

Editorial 03-08 - Changes

Remix64 Editorial - August 2003 - Chris Abbott gets enigmatic for a change... makes a change from suicidal, I guess! - How does it feel when the world changes around you? Well, the remix scene is about to find out. Big things are afoot, and I can't...

Editorial 03-07 - To SID or not to SID?

Editorial - July 2003 - To SID or not to SID? - Chris "Dealer Pricing" Abbott (that's me!) this month looks at a subject which has been taxing our greatest minds... and leading to a few discussions on the boards. Also, Dr.Future has written his...

Editorial 03-06 - New regime

Editorial - June 2003 - Welcome to the first editorial of the new regime, engineered in Germany to last a lifetime… or something! First off, thanks and good luck to Neil, who will doubtless be unable to resist contributing in the near and far...

Editorial 03-05 - A Fun Week

Editorial: May 2003 - Its been a fun week or two for me at remix64 (if your into stress sadism). The new CD to come from the remix64 stable is in a musically the last phase of development. The team of people who are involved in the CD's creation now...

Editorial 03-04 - The Pull-Me-In Factor

Editorial: April 2003 - Hi and wlcome to a much delayed March Editorial. Delayed why? Well for many reasons many of them personal, but quite a bit to do with a sluggish computer that doesn't seem to like Remix64's admin too much. I haven't fixed the...

Editorial 03-03 - The Green Monster

Editorial: March 2003 - I'm a little late with this months editorial, but sometimes you just cannot defy time restrictations can you. We'll this month we saw the opening of AMIGAremix, and the new four way commodore forum. Both these things are good...

Editorial 03-02 - Remix Commodore

Editorial: Febuary 2003 - Well, what a fascinating month we've had. Well it was for me anyway, many up's and ofcourse a few downs to go with that. We finally released the basic version of The Review Database, which at wrting currently holds over...

Editorial 03-01 - The ghosts of Christmas past & Future

Editorial - January 2003 - The ghosts of Christmas past & Future. (A look back & Forward of the scene) - Ok, so thats just about it for 2003. Now how far exactly has the scene come from one year ago? It seems inevitable that the scene would...

Editorial 02-12 - Where the time went

Editorial - December 2002 - It's been a busy ol' time here at remix64 this last month, with the competition, new admin, new messageboard and last but not least volume 2 of the remix64 CD series beginning. There was a suggestion that i should write...

Editorial 02-11 - Compo & Radio show

Editorial for November 2002 - Welcome to this months editorial. As many of you have now noticed that i have returned to remix64 as Editor. The rest away from the scene was much needed and during my rest i noticed that the energy within me was...

Editorial 02-10 - Thank you

Editorial - October 2002 - THANK YOU! by LMan - Welcome to October's editorial. Time for huge changes behind the scenes here at Remix64... Things have been really haywire since Neil announced his retirement from the scene. I want to use this...

Editorial 02-09 - Quiet

Editorial - Sept 2002 - Welcome everyone to September's editorial. This month was a little quiet at remix64, mainly because i wanted to sit back a little and do a bit of enjoying the scene for a change. I'm getting back into the thick of the action...

Editorial 02-08 - Radio Show

EDITORIAL - AUG. 2002 - Seems i never sit down for long, does it? 1st the CD and now the Radio Show! Well it's all good fun... but i really should slow down a bit or i might end up having a heart attack or something ;) The Radioshow is 1 month...

Editorial 02-07 - BITLive over

Editorial - July 2002 - Well Bitlive has come and gone, and i think it was a great night. However the general thought pattern seems to state that the venue just wasn't big enough. To add to that i thought that the place just wasn't right to hold...

Editorial 02-06 - It's coming

Editorial - June 2002 - It's coming.... It's so very close.... It's the most anticipated event of the year. yeah, Bitlive 3 is just weeks away, and it promises to be by far the best yet. Registrations are now over the 300 mark which is double than...

Editorial 02-05 - Work in Progress

May 2002 - As bitlive draws near. A cool idea would be to have a meeting place for all those who havbe come to London a little early. I've set up a descusion at the HOT-TOPIC messageboard. For those who are interested in meeting before the main...

Editorial 02-04 - Happy Birthday Remix64

Editorial (April) - Things have been hectic for me this last month trying to meet deadlines for the CD's release. You may have noticed that many articles/interviews and other related stuff at r64 have been put on the back burner while i've spent so...

Editorial 02-03 - Taking a break

Editorial for Feb 2002 - Firstly i decided to have a little break from r64 for a while.. not really had one since the day we came up with the idea. There was a little delay in posting the Cd's that i said i was gonmna post, but they have now left....

Editorial 02-02 - Karma64

Editorial - Feb. 2002 - A quiet month really from the Comunity. Nothing much to talk about. The big exception ofcourse was the release of Karma64 which will be reviewed here at remix64 shortly. I've not heard the CD yet, but i've been assured that...

Editorial 02-01 - Year 2001 Review

Editorial - Jan 2002 - Firstly, i hope everyone had a great X-mas, and i wish you all the luck for 2002. Year 2001 - Review - We can look at this year with only one thought.... The terrible New York plane disaster, and the following war that still...

Editorial 01-12 - Interactivity

Editorial - December 2001 - Firstly i have got to appologise for sending the Badtrans.b virus out. This was sent to me and automatically launched itself, due to a loophole in Outlook 5. However i have been succesful in ridding the thing and i am now...

Editorial 01-11 - Voting

Editorial - November 2001 - Remix64's first interactive feature "RKO VOTING" has now become available. This is the stepping stone to many more interactive features that we have up our sleave. Charts, Reviews to name the two we have already spoke...

Editorial 01-10 - Battle of the Bots

EDITORIAL - October 2001 In the near future. - Well it seems the Voting based on the tunes of RKO is just about ready. We need to make some adjustments here and there and discuss a few matters with RKO's Webmaster Jan Lund Thomson, But i'm very...

Editorial 01-09 - All go at r64

Editorial - Welcome to issue 5 - September 2001 - All go at r64 - Next Month and subsequent months are becoming quite exciting here at R64!. Well we have announced "Remix64 - The CD". Which is progressing much more rapidly than i would have...

Editorial 01-08 - They Conquered, then fell

Editorial - Welcome to editorial issue 4 - August 2001 - They Conquered, then fell. - During my research i found that gaming giant Infogrames may be ready to take over Atari. This information is purely based on rumblings from the gaming industry,...

Editorial 01-07 - Commercialism on remixing

Editorial - Welcome Editorial issue 3: July 2001 - It seems that the latest submissions to R:K:O will now be strictly controlled for Quailty. Jan obviously thinks that poor remixes do not have their place at R:K:O (Remix.kwed.org). However he does...

Editorial 01-06 - Compo Time

Editorial - Welcome to the 2nd Editorial from Remix64. - While Remix64 steadily grows and adds more features the magazine is far from complete. Over the coming months we'll be adding many more new features. Interactivity is an issue here at...

Editorial 01-05 - Welcome!

Editorial - Welcome - Firstly I'd like to welcome you to Remix64. We have worked tirelessly to bring you this website, and we hope you will enjoy your visit. Please do visit us again for we will be keeping this site up-to-date,. We will provide you...