Armin Gessert deceased

10/11/2009On Sunday, 8th November, the father of the Great Giana Sisters died of a heart attack. Beginning his carreer as a game designer for Rainbow Arts and Blue Byte as early as 1984, he went on to found Spellbound Entertainment AG in 1994 together with Jean-Marc Haessig (Airline Tycoon, Desperados, Arcania: A Gothic Tale).

SceneSat Radio are broadcasting from Alt.Party in Helsinki - also on FM!

23/10/2009The weekend of October 23rd-25th, SceneSat Radio will broadcast a lot of live shows from the Alternative Party  in Helsinki, Finland. One cool and odd feature is that the broadcasts also will be available on FM103.1MHz over the Helsinki area, so if you are anywhere nearby, feel free to tune in, otherwise you can always listen to the stream via

Amongst the treats you will get this weekend, there'll be interviews with a lot of demoscene people as well as Jeri Ellsworth - who gave us the C64 in a joystick - the DTV. Don't miss it!

Commoradio is online

18/10/2009Commoradio is now up and running

Pure & random authentic computer music for your ears!

Enjoy folks!

Submitted by Waxhead

SOASC= and SOAMC= happy hour

15/10/2009The SOASC= and SOAMC= projects are FINALLY on a fast server and online with a new searchengine! (Commodore 64) (Amiga)

Enjoy folks!

Submitted by Waxhead

First two BIT Live Stockholm 2008 videos on YouTube

15/09/2009C64 fans,

One year ago, C64.COM and SceneSat Radio arranged Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008. The whole event was recorded but there was no money to support the production of a DVD. The first two professionally produced bits from the event have finally reached YouTube instead! Check out retro band 6581 (Reyn Ouwehand, Eike "Romeo Knight" Steffen, Anders Larsson, and C64.COM's own Andreas Wallström) play the Central Park Theme from The Last Ninja 2 and Mutants together with Fred Gray, the original composer of the track.

6581 - The Last Ninja 2 (Central Park Theme):
6581 feat. Fred Gray - Mutants:


RKO and AmigaRemix downtime

02/09/2009Thursday September 3rd at 15:30 CEST, the servers hosting and + a BUNCH of other scene related sites will be taken offline to be moved from Stockholm to Gothenburg. They will be back up again around 10:00 CEST on Friday morning, at the latest.

Sorry for the inconvience this might bring, but it will be for the better in the long run.

/ Ziphoid

Dr Future interviews dafunk

05/08/2009Volker 'Dr Future' Buckow has been busy again, this time interviewing one of our brightest shining stars on the remixing heaven, Dejan "dafunk" Subotin...

Prophet64 successor MSSIAH released

28/07/ have released a successor cartridge to the now discontinued Prophet64 cartridge.

From their homepage:

The MSSIAH is a MIDI cartridge for the Commodore 64. It contains a suite of music applications that starts instantly as you insert the cartridge and start up the computer. With these applications you can play the C64's audio circuit (SID) via MIDI or stand-alone with the internal sequencers.

MSSIAH is short for MIDI SID Software Integrated Applications and Hardware and means that the cartridge contains both software and hardware to midify the C64. Since they are integrated you won't need hard-to-get MIDI peripherals to hook it up to your synthesizer or sequencer. Just plug in a MIDI cable and off you go!

With no doubt, the MSSIAH is the cheapest way for you to bring MIDI to your Commodore 64! However, cheap does not mean less.. MSSIAH is loaded with features that will make the old C64 an irreplaceable tool in your modern recording studio!

The current price for the cartridge is 49,95 EUR.

Updates to charts calculation

20/07/2009Dear arrangers and listeners, observant visitors might have noticed that we have changed the way our charts are calculated. The aim is to stabilise results, and to encourage non-anonymous voting.

Our philosophy so far has always been that each vote should have the same weight. We've reconsidered this, because time has indeed shown that the reasoning for extreme outliers usually has little merit. For example, from now on, one or two "bad" votes to an otherwise well-received tune will have nearly no impact on the result. The same goes for the other way round: few "Outstanding" votes will not save an otherwise sub-average tune. All existing charts have been recalculated based on this model. While the resulting percentages have changed several points, the overall order hasn't changed that much, since almost all of the tunes were subject to outlying good or bad votes, thus neutralising the effect.

As for anonymous voting: we can not and will not force people to publish their votes period. However, we do offer new incentives to encourage submitting a shout or a review: Submitting a shout will double the impact of your vote. Submitting a full review will triple the impact of your vote. This works for newly submitted shouts and reviews only.

We hope this new model satifies both listeners and arrangers, and will help to keep the charts alive and interesting.

Please refer to the attached article and discussion thread for further information.

- LMan

Sony Remix Contest: Grand Prize a REAL C64 Music Work Station!

11/07/2009Greetings Programs~!

Sony has launched a remix contest over at their Acid Planet site! The contest is to find the best remix of our tune "Chip On Your Shoulder" off our new "Electric High EP". You can download a zip file of the songs chiptune loops/sound fx and an Acid project file format from the remix contest site itself.

If you dont have any software or even any gear to make the remix, NO PROBLEM! Sony has provided a FREE copy of ACID for PC computers on the remix site for you to use. Mac users can download the loop zip file and use the loops to make a remix as well in programs like Garage band, etc. However Mac users wont be able to use the acid project file.

There are NO restrictions on how the remix is made! You can use all chip related devices, modern softsynths, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Also, you do not have to use ACID software to enter! You can make your remix any way you like. :-)

The Grand Prize winner will receive: A Commodore 64, 1541 drive, cables, a Prophet 64 Cart, ACID Pro software, Five Standard Collection Libraries, as well as a copy of our "Electric High EP" & an 8bw T-shirt!

Contest End Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009

Also, we uploaded the song here on 8BC for you to download from the 8bw profile.:-)

Good luck and enjoy~!

-Seth & Michelle:-):-)

ps-C64 Monitor not included, however, any tv/monitor with rca input will work with it.:-)

Submitted by naughtyboy

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