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Marcel's Project Sidologie 50% funded after three hours!

The Project Sidologie CDs

There is a pretty large crossover between fans of old 8-bit computers and their lo-fi soundtracks, and the electronic music of the day. Scratch every C64 fan
and there may well be a fan of Axel F or Popcorn lurking under there.


One particularly large influence was the French synth legend Jean Michel Jarre. Technophiles living through the 70s and 80s fell in love with his classic sound, and
followed it as it evolved through the 80s and 90s.


One man, Marcel Donné, did more than any other to fuse together his two main loves: remixing Commodore 64 music, and creating astonishingly accurate but still
original soundscapes that capture the spirit of the original JMJ sound.


In 2003 he released Sidologie, a well-received and successful album which featured some of the biggest tunes ever to hit the Commodore 64.


In 2015, Kickstarter makes it possible to revisit the concept with no holds barred: a tour de force of six potential albums, gorgeous H.R.Giger inspired artwork by
professional illustrator Trevor Storey good enough for canvas, and a sample library with the best classic instruments associated with Jean-Michel and the C64.



Kickstarter: http://www.sidologie.com
Kickstarter video (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZvevmIdcrc
How important is JMJ to C64? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CTi5bCy8II
Facebook page: http://fb.me/sidologie
Twitter: @C64Audio #Sidologie #WaitingForJarre