c64SpellBound (ReasonRooftop Mix)

Arranged by: A0d+BST+Tron   Veteran
Members: a0d, Erwin Beekveld (Tron)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 7:10
Release date: 24/07/2002
All-Time rank: 2655.
Download this tune at Remix.Kwed.Org

This is the very first mix we did with the three of us. And we're damn proud of it.

Based for about 40% on a Midi by Chris Abbott I used a soundset from another tune by TRON to make the first version and about three months and a zillion tweaks later this was the outcome...

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5 layson shouts: Maybe it's just that I love Spellbound too much, but this remix pleases my ear quite well indeed.
4 omoroca shouts: The choir sound in the background is a little cheesy, but the rest is quite nice!
3 Nebdar shouts: The begining was nice but the rest... Hmm it sounds not so good a little crrappy

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