c64Elysion ( Summer Party Mix )

Arranged by: AcidBlock (act)   Remixer
Member: AcidBlock (member)
Original composer: Steven Diemer (A-Man)
Tune length: 3:34
Release date: 10/05/2011
All-Time rank: 1798.
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Oh man, this one was super fun to remix. Absolutely crazy tune by A-man of Ari-Pekka Paljakka's (Zardax) original Sid. Big thumbs up for original authors.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed remixing the tune.

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6 slydog shouts: Very nice!
5 Mordi shouts: Very punchy and cool track. One thing I think could have made the track better for me is some nice pads in the background.
4 Xenox.AFL shouts: I'm no friend of TR808/909 Drumsounds and 4x4 kicks AND SID sounds in a remix but somehow, the remix isn't bad at all...
4 weasel shouts: The (too heavy foreground) bass-drums don't work for me here. Pretty sad... As the rest surely had something special here...
5 pie vs pie shouts: A lot of fun to listen to and the usual AcidBlock in yer face bangin style
6 gryzor shouts: Lovely! Some pads would have been nice, but not necessary for this to work. I imagine them :)
3 MusicFan shouts: Good mix
5 RayF shouts: I liked the first 30secs of it, then it went "naaaaah". After that, I listened to the original SID and got the same feeling. Technically good, but the original is too weak for me.
5 hillsman shouts: Lead instrument sounds like its playing underwater! But this is an uplifting remix that is enjoyable to listen to.
3 Melaure shouts: Too heaving kicks

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