AmigaTurrican 2 The Wall (metal remix)

Arranged by: Aki Järvinen (act)   Veteran
Member: Aki Järvinen (Commando 64) (member)
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Release date: 12/02/2011
All-Time rank: 43.
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6 SarahKreuz shouts: Whoever thinks "Manowar" by listening the first 15 seconds is right. ;) Simply ass-kicking this Remix over here.
6 knotti shouts: Super:)
6 Cube shouts: Kick ass!
6 _steve_ shouts: Always loved this tune, and Aki has done it proud!
6 Klfmate shouts: I can't stop listening this remix, well done man, nice job!
6 Artiii shouts: Perfect!!!
6 Chainsaw shouts: What all the other ones that voted "red" said!
5 Hamlet shouts: Descent II
6 LMan shouts: Rock on!
1 AleXAndroID shouts: Dont kill classics with guitars.. No more guitars please!!
5 SunSpire shouts: It's a very original arrangement with superb guitar playing, I see how it may not please everyone but it's not half as bad as some of the other T2 remixes out there. The synth at 2:50 is weak, tho! :P
5 ryrynz shouts: Sounds a bit flat, but otherwise fairly well done. Sarah, It's funny that you say manowar, google "turrican manowar" and look at images, but you prolly know this. I agree with Sunspire.
6 TheMessenger shouts: Hah, that is what a remix is all about! Gives a splendid new feel to this rather flat track from the otherwise brilliant Turrican 2-Soundtrack! I'm not a "Manowar"-Fan, but I love it...
6 Erekose shouts: Kick ass...! Loud riff for head banging. "The Wall" is the good one for this style :-)
6 AdSalusNonAptus shouts: Hell yeah, Descent 2 so true :D And AleXAndroID, you're true partly but this particular tune is MADE for guitars. Asskicking remix!!
4 Grant shouts: For a heavy metal remix, it's not terribly offensive.
4 Rapture shouts: Not into metal, sorry. But nice remix.;)

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