AmigaHybris (Time out Remix)

Arranged by: Aknotronic (act)   Veteran
Member: Matias Andersen (Aknotronic) (member)
Original composer: Paul van der Valk
Release date: 30/09/2012
All-Time rank: 291.
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Played Hybris for hours on end back in the days. Sometimes I loaded the game just to have the intro music running in the background. The main theme always stuck with me. This remix is my love letter to the amazing classic that opened my eyes to the top down scrolling genre.

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5 nummer2 shouts: Well done I like it :)
5 RayF shouts: Very good attempt. I thought the tune would take off at 2:15, but sadly it returned to the "introduction part". Put two more minutes like 2:30 in, with a little more emphasis on the main Hybris theme: Would make a perfect trance tune for me.
5 ryrynz shouts: Very cool man!
5 pj shouts: Thanks for great tule!
6 Anchor shouts: Excellent samples! Great retro mood... Thanx!

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