AmigaHymn to Aurora 2011 Remix

Arranged by: Aknotronic (act)   Veteran
Member: Matias Andersen (Aknotronic) (member)
Original composer: Fredrik Skogh aka Horace Wimp
Release date: 15/06/2011
All-Time rank: 785.
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4 Amok shouts: Nice track. Mixing wise I think it would have been better to split the frequencies of bass and pad. Sounds a bit muddy in the low/mid range.
5 sven_nilsson shouts: My previous Aurora favorite was arranged by Spiral. The new one outperforms with such simplicity and grace - quite an impressive accomplishment.
4 theslash shouts: I remeber this tune, liked the original, this sounds good but not to crips samples everywhere..
6 Rorian shouts: I live again! Great sound!

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