c64Druid II (Druid's dance)

Arranged by: Amok (act)   Veteran
Member: Andreas Janke (Amok) (member)
Original composer: David M. Hanlon
Tune length: 3:52
Release date: 29/07/2014
All-Time rank: 1383.
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This remix is part of the massive compilation Sound of Scensat 3!


Official link: http://sos.scenesat.com/

Bandcamp: http://music.scenesat.com/



Druid II (Druid's dance)
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6 mfe shouts: Creative, excellent mixing, punchy, dancey, and just awesome.
5 Jojje70 shouts: I'm usually not into these dance remixes and maybe this one could have been more varied, but at the same time it's so well produced with great sounds... So I can't give it less than an orange. Well done!
6 LaLa shouts: Impeccable club remix, spot-on arrangement, crystal clear mixing.
6 _steve_ shouts: Very well mixed. If you like club tunes, this is for you
4 migu shouts: DR4! Loudness wars hit RKO. It's not the only important thing in a remix but please don't spoil them by mastering it so damn flat. More dynamic is more pleasing to listen to!
4 karl_xii shouts: The Druid II theme is one of my favourites. Well done.

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