AmigaAltered Beast: Heaven on Earth

Arranged by: Andrea Milana   Remixer
Original composer: Toshio Kai
Release date: 30/09/2012
All-Time rank: 322.
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5 Lelevup shouts: It reminds me Alphaville's Big in Japan... :D Very Nice!
5 Mano shouts: Descent voiceover, but I still like the arrangement overall!
5 skyrunner shouts: Soundwise it reminds me of A-HA. There`s no Morten Harket here, but the vocals are still enjoyable, so no red but orange rating.
6 Starwer shouts: Great work! Top arrangements, nice work on the vocals/lyrics. You really manage to add on this great tune and make it stand out.
6 Caldonas shouts: Thanks! You just sent me travelling to another reality!

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