Harlequin - The Clockworks - Electribe MX REMIX

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Composed by:
Barry Leitch
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Harlequin's spiffing soundtrack gets nowhere near enough love, and this is a top-class slice of remixing grooviness. Masterfully mysterious, ingeniously sinister and just a treat to listen to. Love it!
I hear Korg pianos, also love the trippy echoey bass sound, splendid remix!
Review by Matt Smith


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Overall rating

A scintillatingly splendid piece of work. It has this fantastically eerie, haunting atmosphere far beyond the Amiga original, while still maintaining a thrillingly dynamic tempo – it could easily be the music from the end credits of some brilliantly spine-chilling horror movie. There are loads of smashingly shivery special touches, too – the melody that comes in from 1.58 to 2.20 sounds like a ghostly choir (with a fittingly metallic quality that suggests it could be the disembodied voices of haunted machinery), the assorted hollow clunks, hisses and clicks worked subtly into the soundscape evoke powerful mental images of being surrounded by the gears and pistons of some huge and sinister contraption, and the deliciously creepy off-kilter pianos that conclude the track are a stroke of genius; genuinely unnerving, somewhat in the vein of the famous Halloween score by John Carpenter, but with a unique flavour all their own. I absolutely adore the whole thing!