STATIX - Against Time

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Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking)
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Impressively inventive, splendidly soulful and chock-full of nifty little touches, this is a hearteningly lovely take on a particularly charming tune. Brilliant stuff!
Review by Matt Smith


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Back in the day, for young Amiga users like myself who lacked the funds to purchase new games on a regular basis, magazine coverdisks were a splendidly excellent thing. The disk that accompanied issue 35 of Amiga Power in February 1994 quickly became one of the most popular in my collection, for two reasons. First, it had the marvellously entertaining Tetris Pro on it; and second, it contained a demo version of a curious puzzley game with atypically beautiful music. That game was, of course, Statix, and it was booted up with great frequency just so I could listen to that lovely tune.

Fully two decades later, the prospect of getting to hear a new and souped-up version of the Statix demo music was an exciting and warmly nostalgic one – and by crikey, this remix more than does justice to the original track. It absolutely captures the distinctive essence of Mr Grefberg's composition, elegantly blending haunting soulfulness with a perkily up-tempo positivity, and then expands upon it in all manner of imaginative and delightful ways. The guitars are an immensely cool addition to proceedings, giving this arrangement a sound all its own; the augmented introduction to the piece is impressively dramatic, the harmonising throughout is electrifying, and I love the transition at the 2:15 mark; it's a pleasing little moment that says Let's hear that again! An assortment of glittery new background sounds and twinkling counter-melodic elements add greatly to the magical atmosphere of the piece, and the use of finger-cymbals at various key moments is a wonderfully charming touch. Terrific stuff all round.

I've since discovered, of course, that the full release of Statix neglected to include Against Time in its soundtrack. Thank heavens for that demo version, eh?