Lightforce - back2basics

Track info
Arranged by:
AndyUK Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
It's got some interesting ideas and, on the whole, sounds pretty good. The mix is a little thin which makes the leads a bit 'whiny' sometimes, but overall a listenable piece.
Nice debut! The drums and backing work well. The piece is missing a proper bass line though, and the 1:37 lead sound is very harsh on the ears...
Very basic remix. More laid-back than the source. I believe some of the notes are wrong in the intro.
Nice and laid back with a good live feel
1:36 best part of the Remake
Nice chillout version, I think the arrangement is pretty good, but the instrumentation is rather rudimentary and the mixing is too dry.
As an old Lightforce-tune-lover I'd say this is a good start.:)
It's a good start, a little bit too long and need some improvements
Instruments are a little poor, and beginning sound "thin". Some instruments are not coming though in the way I would like. The song keep getting better and better though, I liked the last 2-3 minutes. Good job!

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