c64Let's Go

Arranged by: BeeZerk (act)   Veteran
Member: BeeZerk (member)
Original composer: Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer)
Tune length: 6:11
Release date: 13/02/2011
All-Time rank: 369.
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Let's Go

I absolutely adore the Original SID and i was in the mood for some Old Skooled Electro-Funk, here's the result.


Have Phun!




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4 RemixFan shouts: Repeats itself constantly but does contain a good.
6 ulfepulf shouts: Awesome funkyness! Love the bass :)
5 pie vs pie shouts: Its a strange choice to give a post millenium sid a 90s style makeover, but it really works well in this case, great
4 Xenox.AFL shouts: Funky...!!!
5 Mordi shouts: A more minimalistic BeeZerk, I feel. As always good stuff.
5 Arne shouts: Very good remake by BeeZerk - as ever. Excellent bass line...
5 omoroca shouts: Very nice! I like the wobbly bass.
6 T & T shouts: Sweet
6 arbory shouts: Great bassline, some nice twists and surprises, a real c64 funky feel an just the right amount of "cheesyness" to sound great!
6 cyphax shouts: Very nice, again!
6 hillsman shouts: Top-notch. Happy, funky house sounds and easy on the ears.
6 NecroPolo shouts: This one has a great sound (a little overcompressed in places) and is quite true to the spirit of the original I think.
6 LMan shouts: Well paced and uplifting!

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