c64Ghouls And Ghosts Poltergeist Mix

Arranged by: Binster (act)   Remixer
Member: Martin Binfield (binster) (member)
Original composer: Tim Follin
Tune length: 4:40
Release date: 02/05/2006
All-Time rank: 66.
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Ghouls and Ghosts Poltergeist Mix

Remix completed for the Tim Follin Tribute Remix Project.

EDIT : Big thanks to all the favourable votes and kind words! You guys are ace!

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6 Dan shouts: Disagree, loved this one, starts out a bit tinny but really kicks in, original and inventive, nice one!:)
6 LMan shouts: This kicks ass. Very nice use of SID sounds. Great punch, great atmosphere.
6 Tas shouts: Needs tweeking I agree, but this is just fantastic in a proffesionally arranged way if to so perfect in the production stakes.. Still, its raw but meaningful!
5 Skitz shouts: Binster has produced a really nice kick-ass remix here - very much NIN inspired I feel
6 DHS shouts: Sublimey ingenious.
6 bratac shouts: Good, crunchy and strong instruments, very nice!
6 romeo_knight shouts: Really really great!
5 pricer shouts: Follintastic!!!! Lots of originallity in here and also keeping the originals feel.
5 weasel shouts: I really like those twisting between tiny synth-sounding and way harder massive synth-bass and beat-styles in the opposite! This mix really is something different here. Really weird in places and therefore absolutely 'ORANGE' for me! :-D
6 plastikbag shouts: You know how I feel about this. Nice work.
6 liontamer shouts: A great tribute to Follin's work, it's very professionally put together. Great job as usual, Martin! Y'all can join the project here: http://www.remix64.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=3341
6 oldboy73 shouts: Simply great!! Nice sid sounds etc....... Fab..
6 maindrian shouts: Woof! So far, so meh, until the bass synths kick you in the mouth and leave you lying dead in the gutter. Yeah, does it for me.
6 infamous shouts: A totally original take on how to do this tune and its frikkin awesome, all the instruments are perfect and I can see what binster was trying to do with this.. And he's pulled it off tremendously.
6 skyrunner shouts: A great highlight!
6 aero shouts: At first I thought this was kind of misrated, the first 45 s being somewhat disturbing. Now I've changed my mind completely. Very original and cool.
6 Analog-X64 shouts: Great Balance of Orignal vs New an excellent Remix.
6 bluegestalt shouts: I just can't stop listening to it! Great work!!
6 mfe shouts: This is a brilliant example of intelligent mixing, taking simple sounds and layering them into something truely great to listen to. Bravo!
6 nickenstien shouts: HOLY CRAP!, This is absolutely AWESOME!! Listened about 15 times today, incredible creative, one of my new faves!!! :D
6 load_error shouts: WOW! Way better than my version!! My favourite sid remixed so well!
6 gol shouts: I don't like the original, and I like this one a lot
6 neochrome shouts: Damn sweet!
5 eliot shouts: Very nice, but not the red one for me ;-)
6 gibs shouts: Without hesation
5 Quarex shouts: Wow. Honestly, the last minute or so of this song is fucking amazing; there is just no other way to put it. The tune leading up to it is not quite as stellar, but is still very well done.
6 vosla shouts: This just brings out the ghoul in you!
6 foppy shouts: This is great!
6 prowler shouts: Very interesting mix. Hate the original, love this!
6 balloonhead shouts: Nearly got a heartattack after 50 sec. ;) great work
6 Makke shouts: Might not be perfectly mixed, but the rawness has a distinct quality to it that I feel hightens the tune. The beat is toe-tappingly-excellent! UPDATE: This is awesome, changing from Orange to Red face.;)
6 devilhood shouts: Uniquely captivating and extremely well arranged. Great beat! Perfect usage of synths and effects!
6 orsted shouts: Holy crap, this IS good!
5 Waz shouts: Update: Having listened to this a few more times, it's still pretty good. Although may need tweaking in places, it develops nicely and the NIN-style distortion works - to a point. Nonetheless keep up the good work!
6 wenga shouts: Wow... Pretty nice remix. Just love this one.
6 LaLa shouts: I hafta admit, I am not a fan of the original SID, but this remix kicks ass!
6 entity shouts: So much raw energy compared to the original, it just blew me away! I love it!
6 g3r shouts: Not perfectly mixed?? :) omg, this is truly AWESOME stuff that makes me cry. Litteraly! Production level is top notch, ideas and emotion at full blast. Congratulations!
6 decibel shouts: Starts disjointed (like the sid) but hold onto your pants once it gets going cos it simply rocks!
4 nec5 shouts: Another solid binster submission
6 hillsman shouts: Creative intepretation of the excellent original that really shines during the latter sections. Execellent!
2 nema_fakei shouts: Very nice tools, timbres, etc. I just can't get hold of a good tune, and I don't like the two-bar stutter that fills the role of a tune. I do feel bad giving this one a poor vote.
6 the_jinx shouts: Great tune.. Atmospheric and with nice twists and turns..
6 dokkie shouts: Really well done!!
5 anaconda shouts: This must be todays WTF!? Very Original version.
6 supercell shouts: Great atmosphere, well done mixing. Just outstanding :-)
6 KF shouts: Absolutely fantastic one...
6 azcii shouts: Totaly awesome! The beat make my hair stand right out!
5 cloudskipa shouts: Excellent!, a few tiny niggles which is bearly worth mentioning. There's real energy in this, congrats.
6 humorguy shouts: Artistry..... Pure Artistry - at 1. 55 it goes to a level that I can't explain... (That's a full stop at the end there - alright?!)
6 ambtax1 shouts: My favourite c64 tune and a superb imaginitive mix, thank you.
6 andyjayne shouts: Excellent work. One of my all time favourite soundtracks and makes me anticipate Dirge for the Follin even more!
6 rafael shouts: A breath of fresh air - somehow unusual and yet fascinatingly clean sound. Nice production, one of my faves ever.
6 thepiano shouts: Wonderful!
4 omoroca shouts: This is overrated. Nothing more than "Good" from me.
6 vhold shouts: It's pretty awesome how the somewhat confused beginning makes the payoff better then it would have been alone.
5 sebuko shouts: Cool mix with low´n high quality synth´n samples. Like this one, except the heavy e-bass.
6 condor shouts: Excellent work on this one.
5 Dr. Bongo shouts: Like it alot, towards the end it gets really good.
6 Andersson shouts: Plink Plonk-eti Plink Plonki (etc), can't be any better than this!
5 zine shouts: Simply great mix
6 brix shouts: Utterly brilliant!
5 Space Fractal shouts: Great work!! Great mix!!
6 x2 shouts: Incredible tune, gives really strong impression. One of my all-time favorites.
6 maverickbna shouts: This takes off like a rocket and takes you for a trip! I can repeat it for hours and not get bored of it...
6 d.a.wilson shouts: Just superb! - This remix just grows on you - brilliant mix of aliased SID grunge and smooth HQ studio mix - I Love it!
6 Cubud shouts: Absolutely love it! I love the small details that you don't over-use, like the very short pitch bend I just heard :-)
6 NecroPolo shouts: Weird stuff. I'm pretty much into it.
6 Pnt shouts: Great work, excellent!!!
5 Killbom shouts: True, a bit meh beginning tough!
5 ryrynz shouts: Excellent tune, almost a red!
5 Fhood shouts: Really good for me. Thumbs up!
6 Rapture shouts: Very good remix! Love Tim Follins soundtracks!

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