c64Krakout (blasterNOX remix)

Arranged by: blasterNOX (act)   Remixer
Member: blasterNOX (member)
Original composer: Ben Daglish
Tune length: 4:48
Release date: 13/02/2011
All-Time rank: 1362.
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5 LMan shouts: Bounce bounce bounce happy happy chipcore!
4 RemixFan shouts: A little freaked out but ok.
5 pie vs pie shouts: Trys very hard to capture the epicness of Bens sid and comes pretty damn close if you ask me
5 Danceaway shouts: Well done, you have recreated the crazyness of Ben's wicked music style!!!, well balanced mix with sid and synth, I like it
5 k_rostoen shouts: Rather sick. Rather cool. Happy hardcore :)
6 Peter W shouts: The recreation is mmmwaaauw! Very very cool indeed! Deserves high marks for nostalgia!
4 hillsman shouts: A bit shrill - the impromptu section rescues it.
4 LaLa shouts: Like some other blasterNOX tunes, this one also tries to be too much at once. Succeeds in some, so-so in others. The distort-happy rave beat is not to my liking, but the wackiness of the original is definitely there.
4 bizarro shouts: I always wished someone remixed this tune. This remix is not my cup of tea, though.
5 SarahKreuz shouts: Me likes it <3
5 AcidBlock shouts: Very nice remix. Love the spirit of the song. Great combination of chiptune and hard dance music. Like your style cant wait for more songs :)
3 Aule shouts: Sorry, too much noise for me.
6 Blue_mushroom shouts: Very nice tune!! :D
6 Madbit shouts: Totally nailed the spirit of the original song IMHO, I've listened to it lots of times already. Well done!
6 L0rd3vyL shouts: Awesome remix. For a long time, it was actually my ringtone.

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