c64Thunder Force (Lazy Days Mix)

Arranged by: Buzzer (act)   Remixer
Member: buzzer (member)
Original composer: Johannes Bjerregaard
Tune length: 2:39
Release date: 16/10/2008
All-Time rank: 759.
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5 nummer2 shouts: Again good work Buzzer (: I like your Kaos Remix too
5 k_rostoen shouts: I have seven different remixed versions of this tune that I never bothered to finish :) Lovely SID, lovely remix.
6 Metal shouts: Thumbs up!
5 DJ Hans shouts: Very nice! Love your baseline, but you might remaster the SID tune since it's more "on the background" now. Kick is maybe too hard, but love the hardtrance/dance style!
6 brix shouts: Marvellous track! Just feels so right, friendly and dreamy. I very like this one, though it doesn't seem too hard to do, I think it's rather because it's so well tuned, what makes it a winner for me.
5 romeo_knight shouts: Nice one, Buzzer! Could have been even better without the SID on top IMO.
6 Raffox shouts: It is one of my favourite! Buzzer is just great.
4 peacemaker shouts: Nice remix. But to me nothing special.
5 finnr shouts: Great sound, nice kinda swing-thing, dunno. Love it :)
6 Nebdar shouts: It is so nice to listen to it. The time pass so quickly
6 C64ever shouts: I really liked this, nice instruments and catchy.
5 Makke shouts: Good job!
5 condor shouts: Good one, I like sound selection.
5 Gregory Atlas shouts: Very good remix!
4 omoroca shouts: Not bad!

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