c64Gyroscope - Unzalicious version

Arranged by: Chronberg (act)   Veteran
Member: Chronberg (member)
Original composer: Graham Jarvis and Rob Hartshorne
Tune length: 3:32
Release date: 14/06/2006
All-Time rank: 531.
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6 Dan shouts: Still unsure about the start on another Gyro mix but DAMN! Chronblom never ever fails to amaze me! Its a headbutt and a kick in the knackers at the same time!
5 Skitz shouts: Is there anything Chronoblom cant do justice!! This just reeks of class with a serious UNZY version of one of my favourite SIDs
6 dafunk shouts: Well, if the begining of this tune doesn't get you movin', nothing will...
4 dimmignatt shouts: Brilliant yet again productionwise and arrangementwise.. But as a wise man once said about another remixer "this guy has written down his recipy now, perhaps it's time for an update, even though this is not bad at all.;)"
5 infamous shouts: Nice stuff.. Cant really speak about it much I dont know the original that well.. But this sounds very very nice.
5 exo shouts: Very good, well, very very good.:)
5 traxer shouts: Very nice use of Vanguard (i think? ) and nice SFX, too. The original sid is not very long and to do a nice remix of those short SIDs is not that easy.
5 prowler shouts: Sweet!
5 weasel shouts: IF UNZ is done right... It's surely acceptable... And here it is/was so far...;-)
5 condor shouts: Very good. Your remix reminded me to some Gigi D'Agostino stuff. Nice :)
6 sye shouts: OUTSTANDING!! Nothing less. Turn it up!
4 eliot shouts: Too much Per, but Gyroscope... Outstandig for the technical aspects.
6 raiden shouts: I LOVE THIS REMIX!! Well Done Chronblom!! Your always making Supreme on Kwed!! Keep up Your Trancy Style Its Super Nice! The only thing I have to say about this song is MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
5 bexs_79 shouts: Yeah, I like it. Unza unza it works!
5 anaconda shouts: Another tune of the Chronblom standard!
6 mrdirectx shouts: Very best music extreme gooood
5 LaLa shouts: Great uptempo version, the electronica stuff really works here.
5 LMan shouts: Boom tzk Boom tzk Boom tzk... In other words UNZ UNZ UNZ...
6 wavedancer shouts: Amazing :D It's exactly the style of techno I love... It remembering me in Blade :D
4 omoroca shouts: Something's wrong with the dynamics (compression too high? ), at least for my taste. Nice atmosphere, fits very well to the game.
6 vhold shouts: This really takes on a life of its own. Awesome.
6 sebuko shouts: WOW!!! One of that techno remakes that works for me really fine. I LOVE IT!!!!
6 Brosa shouts: Super nice version! Love it!
2 bitmage shouts: This is too far away from gyroscope. Not every tune is uitable fo making a techno version of it.
6 TheCommodore64Player shouts: Never played this game before, but surely sounds great!

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