International Karate

Track info
Arranged by:
Culture Papa Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
Cool trance track, loosely based on IK.
Great sounding remix, takes the signature notes from the original and makes a grandiose trance remake from it.
More of 8 minutes of noises, and I have only start to recognise the original sample at the half of the track. It's too for me.
From one point of view, it's just a few signature phrases from IK repeated ad infinitum - that is, boring. From another point of view, it's a decent trance ballad. I haven't yet decided which camp I'm in.
Not bad as a remix, just a bit too little of the original in there for it to be to my liking...
Good for what it is but loose is the word
Funky House is my favorite genre, and I'm picky about what I like. This is king! Why all the greys and greens, is beyond me. Ok, there's not much of the original tune here, but guess what; it's a remix.
Dance music! Good one.
Not my taste here... Way to far away from the original in my opinion and not even a good (general/special) trance track as well. Just average here...
For a good trance/house-track I find it too uninspired and simple. The bassline and its instrument sound like you've forgot of attack/decay or fiters. As a remix, there's not enough left from the original, except from this one simple loop.
This is not trance, n00bs. Great track! More, please :)
International Karate? Really?

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