AmigaQuik & Silva Level 1 Remix (Short Edit)

Arranged by: CZ Tunes (act)   Veteran
Member: cz_tunes (member)
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Release date: 16/06/2010
All-Time rank: 228.
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Quik & Silva Level 1 Remix (Short Edit)

This is my newest remix.

Quik & Silva Level 1 - original track by  Chris Hülsbeck

I hope you like it.

Thank you for your vote. ;)

Nice greets

- record samples at the beginning are taken from FREESOUND:ORG
  themfisch - old vinyl record
  Halleck - record scratch short

Quik & Silva Level 1 Remix (Short Edit)
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5 Amok shouts: Very nice remix. The mixing is screwed up a bit compared to your last version though. Too much high frequencies. A bit nasty Hihats imho...
5 Dr Future shouts: Hey CZ, I like it. Sounds much like Chris Hülsbeck, so what more to add?
6 Cube shouts: Oldschool style! - For me? ... - just great musx :)
5 knotti shouts: Gefällt mir ;)
4 SarahKreuz shouts: Such a bad Game XD, but the Music was great.
5 Grant shouts: The tune is ok, the vocals somehow seem to really work
6 Dh73 shouts: Great remix, man.

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