c64Sacred Stone (Gold Quest III Remix)

Arranged by: CZ Tunes (act)   Veteran
Member: cz_tunes (member)
Original composer: Richard Bayliss
Tune length: 3:58
Release date: 10/04/2007
All-Time rank: 970.
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Sacred Stone (Gold Quest III Remix)

A man named SLEDGIE had asked whether someone could not make a Remix of gold Quest III. I have myself thereupon to it decided to try it. The result can you sound yourself. I hope it please you;)

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5 Skitz shouts: I really like this one. Laid back trance which just takes me back to the good old days. Great!
4 Waz shouts: It's not a bad effort, even if it's a bit laid back trance by numbers. At least it keeps the flow of the original!
5 klosterkatten shouts: Ahhh, love it.
5 Ultra Maximum Prime shouts: I agree it is 'trance by numbers, ' still it is well mixed with balanced samples and flows nicely. Feel good stuff, which I like.:)
5 kjetiln shouts: Lovely tune! I would rank this awesome if it wasn't for the unatural lowquality drums and somewhat too stiff piano playing :) It just doesn't sound like it's 2007.
6 maverickbna shouts: Wow! Takes me on a journey through the world of trance. Keep it up, CZ. Give me more Commodore 64!
6 chilli_uk shouts: Hey Christian as I said I tht it was good, its not its no where near it - its lovelly and im happy to replay it time and and time again - one nice piece - one VERY SERIOUSLY NICE PIECE
4 condor shouts: Very nice idea, but technical part are -
4 omoroca shouts: Mixing issues! Sounds so flat. The idea is nice, but the execution could be better.
4 _steve_ shouts: It's not bad, but it seems lo lack that something to lift it.
6 prowler shouts: I always been weak for this dream-trance stuff...
6 Zilog shouts: Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
4 NecroPolo shouts: No problem with that, but for me there is nothing in the tune that would stand out the trancey crowd.

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